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Early Orthodontic Evaluation Supports Great Dental Health

Studio Orthodontics is the practice of Dr. Darryl E. Gilmore, an orthodontist that provides outstanding care to children, teens, and adults in Saginaw and Arlington, Texas. Treating orthodontic concerns early in life is suggested by many dental care professionals. A tooth alignment evaluation from Dr. Gilmore around the time of a child’s seventh birthday is recommended by American Academy of Orthodontics. We want to help parents make the right decision regarding orthodontic and general dental care for their children.

 Orthodontic Problems.

Why Is Early Treatment So Important?

An orthodontic evaluation at seven years old is important for several reasons. For instance: 

  • This is a time when a child’s permanent teeth are beginning to emerge. Dr. Gilmore can determine of this emergence is proceeding in an optimal manner.
  • Any orthodontic alignment problems present at this age are likely to be easily corrected with the right treatment.
  • Tooth misalignment can significantly impact a child’s ability to speak clearly, bite and chew, and clean their teeth effectively at home.
  • An evaluation gives parents an opportunity to talk with their orthodontist about treatment options and outcomes.

Will My Child Need Braces?

Braces and other forms of orthodontic aligners, such as the Invisalign system, are the preferred way of correcting tooth misalignments (malocclusions) in patients of all ages. However, just because a young child experiences some degree of malocclusion at age seven does not necessarily mean that braces need to be fitted right away. Some misalignments may require no immediate action. In other cases, an orthodontist will take a “wait and see” approach and ask to reevaluation your child’s teeth at another time. 

The only way to find out for sure if alignment therapy is required to correct the particular malocclusion affecting your child is to schedule an appointment at the right time. Your family doctor might recommend that you see a Saginaw and Arlington, Texas, orthodontist before a child’s seventh birthday.

Making Your Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Gilmore by calling our clinic at 817-375-8899.


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