An Orthodontist With the Latest Technology

At Studio Orthodontics, we take your smile seriously. Our practice is committed to offering the finest treatments so that you can achieve the stunning smile that you deserve. Our orthodontist, Dr. Darryl E. Gilmore, has a gentle hand, providing you with a relaxing experience during treatment for the highest quality care. With a friendly and comfortable environment, you can be sure that you are receiving the best care for your smile, no matter what system you choose.

When it comes to your teeth, you want a braces system that will be the most effective. At Studio Orthodontics, we offer the self-ligating braces. With high-tech wires that shape from memory, there are fewer adjustments that have to be made throughout the duration of use. As a clinically proven method, facial aesthetics are enhanced and improved with little effort. Some of the benefits that our patients have noted include:

  • Quick Treatment Time – self-ligating braces do not require as much time as traditional braces do. Patients will need fewer appointments, and each of those will also be shorter.
  • Beautiful Results – When we sit down to look at your teeth, we will also consider your face, your profile, and what you will look like years down the road. All of these factors play into the most beautiful results after using self-ligating braces.
  • Comfortable Process – Because the pressure is lessened with this system, patients experience more comfort as their teeth move into their proper positions.
  • Availability for All – No matter your age, you may be a candidate for the self-ligating braces. Overall oral health is achieved with a straight smile, and there’s no reason why both young and old shouldn’t have access to treatment

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